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Territories of coresponsibility

The Territory of Coresponsibility is a territory (a municipality, a group of cities, a neighbourhood, ...) in which a Local Multi-Actor Platform is created, willing to develop new forms of coresponsibility of the collective actors (public or private) and of the citizens and inhabitants, in order to make steps for improving the well-being for all - including future generations - on the basis of inclusion and equity.

The Local Multiactors Platform is defined as a "coordination group" and could have different names. All stakeholders are invited to participate, in a spirit of openness and representativity. Plat-form members actively participate to to the approach (working with their beneficiaries, performing participative evaluations, taking pilot actions of coresponsibility).

There follows the list of all Territories of Coresponsibility that have registered on the web. For a good part of those, you have access to their data: criteria expressed by citizens, pilot actions, statistics on well-being expressions and actions evaluations.


Africa (406)

Cape_Verde (370)

Santiago Create page (144)

Santo Antão (90)

Mali Create page (1)

Bamako Create page (1)

Europe Create page (338)

France Create page (59)

A- Niveau national de France Create page (1)

Occitanie: Département de la Haute-Garonne Create page (3)

Nouvelle Aquitaine Create page (1)

Bretagne Create page (1)

Hauts-de-France Create page (2)

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Département du Rhône Create page (1)

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Département de la Loire Create page (1)

Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Create page (1)

Belgium (180)

Bruxelles-Capitale Create page (1)

Namur Create page (1)

Romania (8)

West Romania Create page (2)

Central Romania Create page (1)

Bucharest-Ilfov Create page (1)

North West Romania Create page (1)

North East Romania Create page (1)

Central Romania - Centru România Create page (1)

West Romani Create page (1)

Sweden (1)

Stockholm Create page (1)

Italy Create page (4)

Piemonte Create page (1)

Emilia Romagna Create page (1)

Marche Create page (1)

Trento - Autonomous Province Create page (1)

Poland Create page (1)

Podkarpatskie Create page (1)

Germany Create page (1)

Niedersachsen - Lower Saxony Create page (1)

Greece Create page (1)

Anatoliki Makedonia - Aνατολικη Mακεδονια Create page (1)

Latvia Create page (1)

Latvia Create page (1)

South_America Create page (1)

El_Salvador Create page (1)

Usulutan Create page (1)

North_America Create page (2)

Canada Create page (2)

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