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Homogeneous groups database Hannover

List of Homogenous groups of Hannover. In the first cycle, the homogenous groups are defined within the plat-form members, in the second and third cycle they are defined in the whole territory.

List of Homogenous groups

Items found: 7
Nom du groupe homogèneCaractéristiques socialesCaractéristiques professionellesCreated
Hannover : homeless menhomeless men, living in a special residential home, getting social aid (ALG2) from state, accompanied by social worker, some of them have problems with alcohol2012-12-14 04:26
Hannover : University graduatesgraduates of german university, migrants backgrounds, financed their study by grants or working, are working (full time or part time) and looking for a new job according to their university qualifications, are in Germany without familyworking (full time or part time, applying for a new job, have no access to the social aid due to their students status2012-11-16 16:16
Hannover : Parents of children under 4parents of children at an age under 4, with academic degree, living in Hannover or surroundingwork full time or part time2012-11-16 16:04
Hannover : migrants in evening integration course 4migrants at the beginning of the integration course, part time job, getting support from state, are in Germany over 3 yearspart time job, atypical labour status,2012-11-13 23:35
Hannover : migrants in evening integration course 3, migrants attending integration course(Part "orientation course - german policy etc"), the final phase of the course, getting support from stateprofessional training obtained in the country of origin, unemployed, are going to learn German further and to make vocational training in Germany2012-11-13 23:26
Hannover : Migrants in evening integration german course 2 mod.3migrants participating in evening integration course, middle of the course, getting financial aid from stateworking part time, atypical labour relations, professional training in the countries of origin, the job performed in Germany is not in their profession2012-11-13 23:15
Hannover : migrants in evening language course 1, mod.6 germanymigrants participating in integration courses/German course (at the final stage of the course), having atypical labour status (eg part time), getting financial support from stateatypical labour status, jobs not corresponding the professions, they learned in their native countries, perform non qualified jobs2012-11-13 22:47

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