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Homogeneous groups database Kavala

List of Homogenous groups of Kavala. In the first cycle, the homogenous groups are defined within the plat-form members, in the second and third cycle they are defined in the whole territory.

List of Homogenous groups

Items found: 17
Nom du groupe homogèneCaractéristiques socialesCaractéristiques professionellesCreated
Kavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacy

-unemployed -socially excluded -immigrants -single mothers -handicapped

2016-03-21 09:36
Kavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structure

-recently employed staff -now all well educated -formerly unemloyed -employed for 2 years now

2016-03-21 09:34
Kavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergarden

-well educated -all employed

2016-03-21 09:32
Kavala : pupils at Lysimachou kindergarden 2016-03-21 09:30
Kavala : education staff of Lysimachou kindergarden

-educated staff

2016-03-21 09:29
Kavala : employees at "Home assistance" structure

-social workers -well educated -long term employed

2016-03-21 09:16
Kavala : pupils at the Zygo's kindergarden

-pre-school childen -children of the rural area of Kavala

2016-03-21 08:44
Kavala : parents of the pupils of Zygo's kindergarden

-young parents -low educated -low income

-unemployed women -selfempoloyed men

2016-03-21 07:13
Kavala : Employees at the elderly centresMiddle class, educated staffSocial workers2016-03-10 11:57
Kavala : Young mothers2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Statal employees High educated people2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Single parent families Low Educated Most of them in search of a job2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : People with social problems ex-convicts ex-drug users2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : People in pension or a bit before that want to contribute to the community High educated people2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Paretns of children with drug problems2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Elderly people with mobility problems Low educated2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Elderly but socialized people Low educated2012-07-05 16:04

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