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Statistics for homogenous groups

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Global overview


Criteria of Well-being registered Homogenous groups
Count 273 3

Criteria per Homogenous Group

Homogenous groups Total of criteria per omogenous Group
1 Assaki : Espoir - الأمل 89
2 Assaki : Les falcons - الصقور 75
3 Assaki : Les supporters du bien être - أنصار العيش الكريم 109

Criteria per question

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General stats

Criteria per Dimension

All dimensions together


Criteria per Dimension and question


Criteria per Dimension and Component


Criteria per category

Stats with Homogenous groups

Homogenous group and Dimension and Question


Homogenous group and Category

Homogenous groups, Dimensions and age groups

Wordcloud of well-being criteria

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