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1 - Le territoire

Pergine Valsugana is a municipality of the Autonomous Province of Trento in North-Eastern Italy. The city is the youngest municipality of Italy, with a strong historical tradition of cooperation, many cooperatives in agriculture, industry and handcraft and in social services.

2 - La plate-forme

The aim of the City of Pergine is to use the methodology of coresponsibility in order to test and integrate an existing Social Plan. The Local Support Group works on promoting the active participation of the citizens and believe that this new approach will further spread all over the Province. The main challenges of the city are :

  •     implementing the actions of the Social Plan and of the Youth Plan
  •     developing public transportation
  •     promoting innovation in the economic sector


3 - Le processus SPIRAL

4 - Résultats

Phase Étape Réalisé
1 Homogenous groups Groupes homogènes 15
2 Homogenous groups Critères de bien-être 1154 Statistiques standard
Homogenous groups Indicateurs de bien-être (3è cycle) 99%
3 Homogenous groups Diagnostic général
Homogenous groups Diagnostic des indicateurs de bien-être
4 Homogenous groups Planning et scénarios
5 Homogenous groups Outils pour la codécision et l'engagement
6 Homogenous groups Actions et projets 2
7 Homogenous groups Co-évaluations d'impact
8 Homogenous groups Auto-évaluation du processus de la plate-forme

5 - Partenariats, échanges et besoins de soutien

6 - Autres informations

7 - Contact

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