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1 - Le territoire

Salaspils is a town in Latvia, the administrative centre of Salaspils municipality. The town is situated on the northern bank of the Daugava River 18 kilometres to the south-east of the city of Riga. During the late 1950s and early 1960s, various industrial enterprises and governmental institutions developed in Salaspils, such as the nuclear plant and four branches of the Academy of Science. Large multi-storied housing blocks appeared to house incoming power plant workers, many of whom were Russians. In a few decades Salaspils transformed from a very peaceful rural settlement to a mikroraion-style town. Due to the rapid development, Soviet authorities ordered construction of the Riga HES and Riga TEC-2. The dam created a massive reservoir that flooded monuments of Salaspils ancient history. The last unsubmerged sections of old Salaspils have been preserved at Salaspils railway station.

Salaspils Municipality is situated in the central part of Latvia, on the periphery of the capital Riga. The town is surrounded by a rural area and its history is closely related to the Riga hydroelectric station, that literally contributed to its birth.

2 - La plate-forme

The municipality intends to engage in this process in order to define social inclusion and well-being of all, largely involving the different parts of the population, especially those people suffering from the risk of social exclusion, such as the unemployed, poor families, students, the elderly, large families and single mothers.

3 - Le processus

The main challenges of the Municipality in this project are:

  •     The improvement of social services;
  •     helping to launch a day care centre for people with disabilities;
  •     reducing the cost of heating, which is one of the highest in Latvia;
  •     better integration in the city’s life of the Russian-speaking population, who represent 57 % of Salaspils population;
  •     development of the economic sector and helping to create new businesses.

4 - Résultats

Phase Étape Réalisé
1 Homogenous groups Groupes homogènes 20
2 Criteria Critères de bien-être 3340 Statistiques standard
Indicators Indicateurs de bien-être (3è cycle) 100%
3 Diagnosis Diagnostic général
Indicators diagnosis Diagnostic des indicateurs de bien-être
4 Scenarios Planning et scénarios
5 Codecision Outils pour la codécision et l'engagement
6 Actions Actions et projets 5
7 Coevaluations Co-évaluations d'impact
8 Platform evaluation Auto-évaluation du processus de la plate-forme

5 - Partenariats, échanges et besoins de soutien

6 - Autres informations


Synthèse territoriale Co-Acte - Salaspils

7 - Contact

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