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1 - Le territoire

Malkara is a town of 28000 people and district of Tekirdağ Province in the Marmara region of Turkey.It covers an area of 1,225 km², which makes the district the largest in Tekirdağ.Malkara is a small market town serving the countryside around it, which is mostly devoted to growing sunflowers for seeds and oil. There are also one or two coal mines. Many of the people of Malkara originate in the Balkans and are liberal- and secular-minded.


2 - La plate-forme

The Citizens’ Assembly was established in 2009 with a General Assembly composed of 76 people. 8 actions are planned to be carried out in the framework of Responding Together project.

3 - Le processus SPIRAL

4 - Résultats

Phase Étape Réalisé
1 Homogenous groups Groupes homogènes 0
2 Homogenous groups Critères de bien-être 0 Statistiques standard
Homogenous groups Indicateurs de bien-être (3è cycle) 0%
3 Homogenous groups Diagnostic général
Homogenous groups Diagnostic des indicateurs de bien-être
4 Homogenous groups Planning et scénarios
5 Homogenous groups Outils pour la codécision et l'engagement
6 Homogenous groups Actions et projets 0
7 Homogenous groups Co-évaluations d'impact
8 Homogenous groups Auto-évaluation du processus de la plate-forme

5 - Partenariats, échanges et besoins de soutien

6 - Autres informations

7 - Contact

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