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CO-ACTE Project

Building the Co-responsibility Associating Citizens of Territories in Europe

CO-ACTE project aims to launch a citizen dynamic in order to build policy proposals encouraging co-responsibility processes for the well-being of all. To reach that goal, it relies on SPIRAL achievements, on other processes sharing the same values and objectives (Agenda 21, Transition Movement, eco-villages, LEADER approach, etc.) and on citizens of the concerned territories.

Click here for a complete description of the project or on the links in the following table to know more about the various meetings, phases and tools of the project. You can also find the history of the project if you want to follow the evolution and steps achieved between and during meetings. You are invited as well to discover the results, lessons drawn and follow up (only in French), particularly the three main products (available only in French) which are: 1) the Synthesis of citizens expectations; 2) the Reference Model to progress toward well-being of all including future generations; and 3) the roadmap to make this progress possible. You can as well dowload the summary report of the meetings and see the summary of the final report of the project.

Preparatory Meeting (19th-23rd August 2015, Odemira - Portugal) Mobilizing Partners
Kick-Off Meeting (28th-29th September 2015, Odemira - Portugal) Mobilizing Citizens in the territories Resource Kit
First Review Meeting(5th-6th February 2015, Bordeaux - France) Synthesis of citizens' proposals Council of Alliances space
Thematic Subnets Meetings (from March to September 2016) Mobilizing associations and collective actors Thematic Referents space
* 1st thematic meeting - Co-build a socioeconomic model of co-responsibility for the wellbeing of all today and tomorrow - 20 & 21st May 2016, Gloucester (UK) with the thematic networks ""Time management and exchanges systems" "Links/twinnings between Territories of Co-responsibility" and "The elderly and intergenerational relationships" Space for debate on the socioeconomic model
* 2nd thematic meeting - Co-organise territories for the wellbeing of all today and tomorrow - 22 & 23th June 2016, Viana do Castelo - (Portugal) with the thematic networks "Management of transport and access to mobility" and "Spatial development, management of local natural resources and access to a healthy living environment" Space for debate on Territorial Organisation
* 3rd thematic meeting - Co-provide basic needs for wellbeing of all today and tomorrow - 27 & 28th June 2016, Odemira (Portugal) with the thematic networks "Healthy Eating for all", "Health" and "Reusing and recycling and access to basic necessities" Space for debate on satisfaction of the basic needs
* 4th thematic meeting - Democratic governance of the commons for wellbeing of all today and tomorrow 16 & 17th September 2016, Timisoara - (Romania): with the thematic networks "Management of common good in lands and buildings and access to land and housing" and "Access to employment and productive life" Space for debate on democratic governance of commons
* Second synthesis meeting - 29 & 30th September 2016, Charleroi (Belgique) Policy makers mobilisation? Debate space on the operational frameworks?
* Final Meeting: 3rd International Meeting of Co-responsibility Territories ( 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November 2016 - Braine-l'Alleud - Belgium) Broadcasting and Political Dialogue ?

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