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Communication tools for distribution and invitations to participate in CO- ACT

__Comunication is a key for the success of the CO-ACT project. Here you'll find some communication tools developed during the project by its partners. You can use it or inspire you to develop your own tools. Do not hesitate to add your own !__

General communication on the project

Besides the full project document here is short and concise powerpoint, developed by Bénédicte Pachod of CGDD in France and which can be presented in an introductory session.

Communication in the phase of mobilization of actors and citizens.

Here are some exemples of communication tools to the call for participation in CO-ACT project :

  • If you speak to communes, municipalities or actors already involved in territorial initiatives in social cohesion or sustainable development can learn from this very comprehensive text sent by the DiCS to the Wallonia communes which develop their social cohesion plans, or from this smaller text used in Portugal to spread the project to various local groups (available only in Portuguese).
  • If you speak to civil society organizations (associations, NGOs) or the general public , here is a A4 for public dissemination, prepared for the COP21.

Communication in the political dialogue phase

Communication for mobilization of thematic networks

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