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LAST NEWS: Online meeting on June 8, 2021 on co-responsibility in humanitarian problems at sea, organized in partnership with the Fernando Pessoa University of Porto.
Meeting only in English. Click here to download the program and the online address of the meeting.

Do not miss this meeting which will also be an opportunity to relaunch the TOGETHER Council of Alliances.

Citizens, public and private actors of the territories, let's act in co-responsibility for the well-being of all today and tomorrow !

Take part in the project: Together let's learn to make the right choices for the well-being of all and that of the planet. You can participate as citizens (individual or family, people sharing the same place of life, group) collective actor (company, school, association, etc.) or territorial entity (municipality, local platform, etc.) by following this guide or by sending an email to contact(at)wikispiral.org.

Learn more about the project
"Together let's learn to make the right choices" is a project aimed at promoting the shared learning of good choices (including consumption) to ensure the well-being of all and of the planet. Launched during the 4th International Meeting of Territories of Co-responsibility in November 2020, it serves as a reference line for the TOGETHER network over the next few years. You are invited to((Learning together to make the right choices Project |discover the project)) et ses workshops and to participate by sending an email to contact(at)wikispiral.org
Who are we ?
TOGETHER is an associative network of territories, collective actors and citizens acting in their place of life (territories, companies, etc.) to promote co-responsibility for the well-being of all now and for future generations. They are represented within the network either as full members by their territory, or directly as associate members. Learn more about the network.
Learn more about the meaning of the process
SPIRAL is a societal progress approach co-constructed by the territories of co-responsibility, now grouped together within the TOGETHER International Network, under the initial impetus of the Council of Europe.

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Coresponsibility for the well-being of all implies a change in terms of:
  • Progress


    From GDP growth to Well-being of all, today and tomorrow

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  • Democracy


    From representative democracy to the junction between collaborative and representative democracy

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  • Public authorities

    Public authorities

    Completing the welfare state with the role of facilitator, helping to improve local processes

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  • Knowledge

    Knowledge production

    From compartmentalized and protected knowledge to open knowledge we build together

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  • Economy


    From dissociative and competitive economy to an open and collaborative economy

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  • Society


    From a society treated as an object to society as subject

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It is an efficient and appropriate response to the crisis.
SPIRAL provides a framework of collective co-construction of how to transform positively society, in connection with:

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