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Learning together to make the right choices Project

I. What is the "Together let's learn to make the right choices?"

The project "Together let's learn to make the right choices", starts from an essential observation: in the current context the objective of the well-being of all necessarily involves the drastic and rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, in particular the CO². Without it, global warming will be such that it will make the well-being of everyone, both now and for future generations, impossible. For example in France, CO² emissions are currently 12 tonnes per person per year and must be reduced to 2 tonnes per person per year by 2025 if we want to avoid a warming that would exceed 2 ° C and which could cause an irreversible conflagration, making life impossible in most of the land. This would lead to population movements of such magnitude that it would be the bearer of conflicts, the full implications of which cannot be imagined. For more information click here. The big challenge is therefore to make well-being in the present compatible with a reduction as quickly as possible of greenhouse gas emissions. There are many tracks in this direction, in particular by highlighting the intangible criteria of well-being rather than material. For more information on this, click here. It is therefore a matter of making the right choices to ensure this compatibility between well-being in the present and a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This is the meaning of the "Together let's learn to make the right choices" project.

Why together?

  1. Because it is difficult for an isolated person to do it on their own, we need each other not only to find the right solutions more easily but also to implement them in dialogue. For example, if citizens want to switch from the use of the car to that of electric bicycles, a dialogue must be able to be established with their municipality so that cycle paths are installed. We are already here on a good choice with a collective dimension.
  2. also because it is essential that we give visibility to the results obtained together and not just individually. It is through global visibility that we can encourage everyone to engage in co-responsibility for the well-being of all.
  3. Finally doing it together also means finding solutions so that those who are not free to make their own choices can also have the opportunity to make good choices, due to forms of solidarity between participants. Learn more

II. Concretely how does it work?

The "Together let's learn to make the right choices" project is offered by TOGETHER using tools offered by other networks, in particular those of the Resistance Climatique network. This network offers a simple and very educational tool for reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. It was produced in the case of France but could be adapted for other countries see: french version .

For its part, TOGETHER offers any individual or collective person (families, groups, schools, companies, public entities, etc.) interested in participating in the project the possibility of having a WEB page. There will therefore be a WEB page per participant, individual or collective, on the wikispiral.org site on which they can present themselves and register their good choices and the impacts they themselves measure in terms of reducing gas emissions of greenhouse effect. From the results obtained, an automatic compilation will make it possible to highlight the global impacts or at the level of a group or a territory. A historical will make it possible to follow developments. Participants will also be able to register their well-being criteria as already exists with the SPIRAL methodology. This can be particularly useful for taking into account the dimensions of intangible well-being in the choices that are made. Learn more Each participant’s WEB page will also allow them to express their support or cooperation needs. See the description of the page and its use.

III. How to progress in the collective learning of the right choices?

As the project progresses it will be possible to learn lessons about what the right choices are and how to implement them in the most relevant way. For this TOGETHER offers the possibility of organizing exchange workshops on line. Any participant has the possibility of offering a workshop on a theme of their choice, organized by zoom, and to invite other participants to take part. All the results of the workshops will be posted on the WEB site and summaries will also be available for everyone to draw inspiration from. The objective is to gradually highlight the essential principles and tools, general or by theme (for example on health, food or on local organization, time management, etc.) that can be the subject of charters.

IV. What are the main stages of the project?

The project will be launched on the occasion of the 4th international meeting of the TOGETHER network of co-responsible territories from October 31 to November 4, 2020. On this occasion, the first workshops will be organized on essential themes for the project and the project itself and will be submitted to the TOGETHER General Assembly on November 4th. See the list of workshops. Once the project has been launched, an initial assessment will be made approximately 6 months later, in spring 2021 to draw lessons:

  • on how it works and how to improve it
  • on the results obtained and how to formalize the summaries of the exchange workshops.

It will then be a question of seeing, on the basis of these lessons, how the project can scale up in terms of number of participants and impact.

V. How to participate in the project

Send an e-mail to contact(at)wikispiral.org.

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