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Citizens, public and private actors of the territories, let's act in co-responsibility for the well-being of all today and tomorrow !
Who are we ?
TOGETHER is an associative network of territories, collective actors and citizens acting in their place of life (territories, companies, etc.) to promote co-responsibility for the well-being of all now and for future generations. They are represented within the network either as full members by their territory, or directly as associate members. Learn more about the network.
Learn more about the meaning of the process

SPIRAL is a societal progress approach co-constructed by the territories of co-responsibility, now grouped together within the TOGETHER International Network, under the initial impetus of the Council of Europe.

The SPIRAL approach invites rethinking the progress of society and democracy …
  • The response to the crisis we are currently experiencing involves the construction of social progress, which has been abandoned until today, the notion of progress is essentially limited to science and technology and to the continuous increase in labor productivity and the production of material wealth that have been going on for 2 centuries. To know more…
  • Rethinking progress in society and not just in science and technology implies a radical revision of our ways of investigating and building knowledge.The construction of social progress concerns everyone. It thus goes through the intersubjective co-construction that is radically different from the investigation that prevails in the scientific approach, but with rules and criteria of the same level of verification and validation. To know more...
  • These rules of the intersubjective co-construction of social progress converge with those of a true direct and inclusive democracy, or collaborative democracy, an indispensable complement to representative democracy. They are not imposed restrictions but they free everyone's thought and expression and result in the expression of collective intelligence at the scale of society.
about the goal of the well-being of all today and in the future by co-responsibility.
  • The intersubjective co-construction of social progress cannot take place without a universally shared goal. The fairest objective and the one most likely to ensure the adhesion of all is the well-being of all, future generations included and the planet in general. Sharing this goal means that we all feel co-responsible. Co-responsibility for the well-being of everyone today and in the future is the clearest expression of this objective.
  • Two types of arguments legitimize the choice of co-responsibility for the well-being of all as a guideline for social progress: on the one hand, great efficiency thanks to the openness of resources, knowledge, and responsibilities that it allows, in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust that aims to avoid major control and security costs; on the other hand its relevance because it directly generates well-being at all levels, find out more...
  • The systematization of these arguments and the communication around them is an indispensable process to reinforce the credibility and adhesion of the greatest number of citizens with this objective (see TOGETHER's Political and Research Project) and to prevent forms of isolation from oneself and from defense of real or supposed privileges that constitute obstacles to social progress.
Learn together to advance towards this goal...
  • Co-building co-responsibility for the well-being of all today and in the future is a collective learning process at the scale of society. Such a process must have a common conceptual and methodological framework and an organization that makes it possible to develop this process. The SPIRAL approach aims to co-build this scope and the TOGETHER network and create SPIRAL stimulators that generate conditions for its development. To know more…
  • Two dimensions of the approach are complementary: a territorial dimension to co-construct co-responsibility from the local level. And a global approach to specifying and promoting the legal and public policy frameworks that must be applied at national, European and global levels. The CO-ACTE project introduces this second dimension into the SPIRAL approach. To know more...
  • Born in the Council of Europe as part of its strategy and action plan for social cohesion, the SPIRAL approach and the TOGETHER network now function autonomously. Partnerships have been developed with all organizations that join the same objectives and contribute to providing complementary responses to each other in a shared global process. To know more...
involves a process of social action research in various dimensions.
  • In summary, the construction of social progress towards co-responsibility for the well-being of all implies a process of research-action at the scale of society at various levels, all of which are indispensable:
  1. An investigation into the principles of intersubjective co-construction as a way of producing knowledge with a level of legitimacy comparable to that of scientific research. Such an investigation requires going back to the foundations and meaning of knowledge and its production.
  2. An investigation systematizing the arguments that legitimize the choice of the well-being of all and co-responsibility as the objective of social progress. It is the political and research project of the TOGETHER network.
  3. An action-research to evolve the methods and know-how of building co-responsibility for the well-being of all. This is the role of the SPIRAL community of animators, at the national level of each country and at the international level.
  4. The intersubjective co-construction of a political project to transform legal frameworks and public policies to allow society to evolve towards co-responsibility and the well-being of all today and in the future. This is the CO-ACTE project.
  • The conduction of each of these 4 levels needs a “spiral” process because this process is conducted in the first place by a small group of people and it gradually expands to progressively co-construct living together with all the issues. at the scale of each territory and at the national, continental and world scales.
  • To conclude, these processes imply a sixfold change of paradigm: in the conception of progress, knowledge, democracy, society, economy and the role of public authorities.
Take part in the project: Together let's learn to make the right choices for the well-being of all and that of the planet

You can participate as citizens (individual or family, people sharing the same place of life, group) collective actor (company, school, association, etc.) or territorial entity (municipality, local platform, etc.) by following this guide or by sending an email to contact(at)wikispiral.org.

Learn more about the project
"Together let's learn to make the right choices" is a project aimed at promoting the shared learning of good choices (including consumption) to ensure the well-being of all and of the planet. Launched during the 4th International Meeting of Territories of Co-responsibility in November 2020, it serves as a reference line for the TOGETHER network over the next few years. You are invited to((Learning together to make the right choices Project |discover the project)) et ses workshops and to participate by sending an email to contact(at)wikispiral.org

Since the 4th International Meeting of Territories of Co-responsibility in November 2020, a network meeting takes place at the end of each quarter to review the project.

This first meeting was the opportunity to make a first assessment 5 months after the launch of the project and to discuss the follow-up to be given

To see the report click here

This second meeting will include 1) a new report of the project in the morning ; and 2) in the afternoon a discussion session around the theme « Reduce GHG emissions from public services while increasing their quality », organized in partnership with the Fernando Pessoa University of Porto. This will be an opportunity to relaunch the Council of Alliances between NGOs (field actors, networks), researchers and public policy makers.

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Coresponsibility for the well-being of all implies a change in terms of:
  • Progress


    From GDP growth to Well-being of all, today and tomorrow

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  • Democracy


    From representative democracy to the junction between collaborative and representative democracy

    Read more
  • Public authorities

    Public authorities

    Completing the welfare state with the role of facilitator, helping to improve local processes

    Read more
  • Knowledge

    Knowledge production

    From compartmentalized and protected knowledge to open knowledge we build together

    Read more
  • Economy


    From dissociative and competitive economy to an open and collaborative economy

    Read more
  • Society


    From a society treated as an object to society as subject

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It is an efficient and appropriate response to the crisis.
SPIRAL provides a framework of collective co-construction of how to transform positively society, in connection with:

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