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The main activities of the TOGETHER Network and its members are developed around the following axes:

- The development of the co-responsibility for the well-being of all, for today and tomorrow, thanks to the SPIRAL approach. To this end, facilitators are chosen by each multi-stakeholder platform among its members to be trained to apply the approach. See the training programmes in France and in other countries.

-The research-action through networking in order to always improve the methodological framework. It is conducted at several levels:

-The political and research project aims at systematising the achivements by demonstrating the validity and relevance of co-responsibility to ensure the well-being of all for today and tomorrow and turning them into legal and policy frameworks. For this purpose, a Council of Alliances is making the link between researchers and policy makers who are sharing this common project.

-Besides, TOGETHER and its members are developing specific projects are in keeping with or complementing some activities such as: the Responding Together project, the SPIRAL project and Agenda 21, the CO-ACTE project, etc.

-TOGETHER is also developing partnerships, particularly with other networks sharing the same values and proposing similar and complementary approaches like CittaSlow or PlanZheroes.

-A calendar of events is available.

-Whether you are a territory, a collective actor or an ordinary citizen, join us in our various activities!

News: TOGETHER France is launching a SPIRAL training programme across the country!

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