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Citizens, public and private actors, let’s act together, in co-responsibility for the well-being of all today and tomorrow!
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SPIRAL is the methodological approach created by the territories of coresponsibility, with the impulsion and support of the Council of Europe. It consists in a framework of tools to facilitate local participative processes, empowering citizens and professionals alike, to achieve coresponsibility and progress of the well-being of all. It combines environmental and societal indicators and includes the well-being of future generations. All this experience is freely shared for all here in the wikispiral website.

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Coresponsibility for the well-being of all implies a change in terms of:
  • Progress


    From GDP growth to Well-being of all, today and tomorrow

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  • Democracy


    From representative democracy to the junction between collaborative and representative democracy

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  • Public authorities

    Public authorities

    Completing the welfare state with the role of facilitator, helping to improve local processes

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  • Knowledge

    Knowledge production

    From compartmentalized and protected knowledge to open knowledge we build together

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  • Economy


    From dissociative and competitive economy to an open and collaborative economy

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  • Society


    From a society treated as an object to society as subject

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It is an efficient and appropriate response to the crisis.
SPIRAL provides a framework of collective co-construction of how to transform positively society, in connection with:

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