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The specific discussion topics fall under 5 main themes relating to co-responsibility for the well-being of all, and are numbered as set out below. For each topic there is a discussion group or thematic network. They relate to examples of co-responsibility activities, which can be consulted in the database, organised according to topic and reference model. The list is not a closed one and may be added to or adjusted in line with needs.

1 - Co-responsibility in the co-ordination of processes

1.2 - Constitution and structuring of the Multiactors Platform (types, statute, charts, internal organisation, etc.) 1.2 - Democracy and internal functioning (Participation of the various social groups, links with the population, etc.) 1.3 - Knowledge management and internal and external communication 1.4 - Projects management and relations with beneficiaries 1.5 - Promoting links between stakeholders inside the territory 1.6 - Developping partnerships and networks ousite the territory

2 - Co-responsibility in resource and common goods management

2.1 - Energy reconversion (energy savings, renewable energy, local energy management) 2.2 - Spatial development, management of local natural resources and access to a healthy living environment 2.3 - Management of common good in lands and buildings and access to land and housing 2.4 - Management of transport and access to mobility 2.5 - Reusing and recycling not used goods and waste and access to basic necessities 2.6 - Time management and exchanges systems 2.7 - Management of financial resources (solidarity funds, local currency, participatory budget, etc.) 2.8 - Management of information and communication

3 - Co-responsibility in the sustainable production of goods and services for all

3.1 - Sustainable fishing, hunting, foraging 3.2 - Sustainable farming and stock-breeding (agro-ecology, permaculture, etc.) 3.3 - Food sector and access to food 3.4 - Handicrafts and local resources processing 3.5 - Other local industries 3.6 - Fair trade of local non-food products 3.7 - Socially supportive tourism 3.8 - Other services to the population and companies

4 - Co-responsibility in life paths

4.1 - Childhood, education: preparation for life (primary and secondary schools) 4.2 - Youth: life planning (vocational training/universities) 4.3 - Access to employment and production (and enterprises in the broad sense) 4.4 - Consumption, participation and citizen/political life 4.5 - Starting a family and family/parental life 4.6 - Life-long training and retraining 4.7 - The elderly, retirement and transmission of knowledge 4.8 - Access to culture, art, sport and leisure/recreation/creativity time 4.9 - Illness/health and recovery of physical and/or mental well-being (health centres, hospitals, etc.) 4.10 - Reintegration and recovery of social well-being (prisons, integration firms, social centres, etc.)

5 - Co-responsibility in relations with others

5.1 - Gender 5.2 - Intergenerational relations 5.3 - Intercultural relations 5.4 - Dialogue and relations/exchanges between the well-off and the disadvantaged 5.5 - Relations/partnerships between producers and consumers 5.6 - Relations between public authorities and citizens/civil society 1.6 - Links/twinnings between Territories of Co-responsibility

6 - Improvement of the wikispiral site

6.1 - improvement of the interface 6.2 - Request for new functionalities 6.3 - Participation in the development of the CMS TIKI

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