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Welcome to the website of the SPIRAL approach!

Here, you can find out more about the approach, from the fundamental reasons behind our actions to the practical vademecum on how to implement them.
Why speak of the well-being of all? Why use it as the reference to define progress?

Simply because this is not regarded as obvious! At present, a lot of projects are being developed within small teams; recipients are consulted for the validation of the decisions rather than being asked to get involved in these decisions. Furthermore, the technical aspect has become increasingly important, to the point that the idea of refocusing actions on the well-being of both their recipients and stakeholders has often been described as utopian! SPIRAL proposes a simple and concrete approach to finding solutions to these issues. Talking about the well-being of all is going back to the essentials; that is what bases the living-together and should also be the basis for any territorial, political, associative, entrepreneurial approach. SPIRAL has been developed to answer to the need to restructure such approaches on the basis of what is necessary for their stakeholders and recipients thanks to a construction done all together in territories and their network: TOGETHER.

Thinking about societal progress in terms of ability to live together on the same planet has become, more than ever in the history of mankind, both an evidence and a necessity. SPIRAL is an approach of collective learning aiming at gradually building, from the local level to the global one, the ability of society to ensure the well-being of all through co-responsibility between its different stakeholders: citizens, public and private actors.What is SPIRAL?
The idea according which growth in production of goods and services equals progress shares one presupposed central idea -which is implied and unproven-, namely that the well-being of human beings is limited to the satisfaction of material needs. Yet, the need to meet immaterial dimensions of the well-being reappears quickly. This shows that immaterial dimensions are all too often ignored while they are of great importance and can actually be critical links in reconciling the well-being of present and future generations.Why SPIRAL?
SPIRAL’s objective is to progressively overcome difficulties thanks to the contribution of all, so that the construction of co-responsibility for the well-being of all becomes a more natural route in our societies and can be recognised as a key element for our common future.Co-construction principles
The SPIRAL methodology, which is fully open and systematised, is based on principles of collaborative democracy, which is complementary to representative democracy and provides essential responses to the latter’s limits, in particular by creating the conditions for a cross-ground dialogue that is lacking in our societies.Methodological principles
SPIRAL proposes a methodological framework with 8-phase cycles. It starts with the construction of a collective subject around a common goal that is the well-being of all-as it will have been defined all together, thus enabling to embed the knowledge-to-action process into a co-responsibility approach. Each new cycle widens the circle of stakeholders involved in the approach, like a spiral.The SPIRAL methodology
The website –Wikispiral- aims to facilitate exchanges of practices and methods between stakeholders involved in the process and their networking. It also aims at refining the common methodological framework and providing the tools that have been developed to facilitate its implementation.Tools

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