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Workshop - The role of Local Authorities
(Exchange workshop as part of the project "Learning together to make the right choices")

Purpose of the workshop

Local authorities, in particular municipalities and town halls, have an essential role in promoting the well-being of all and that of future generations, given their proximity to citizens and local stakeholders.. Some have acquired, within TOGETHER or elsewhere, an already solid experience of co-responsibility with the inhabitants and local actors within multi-actor platforms or other participatory and dialogue bodies. However, much remains to be done to achieve concerted actions that are sufficiently effective in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of pollution, while ensuring the well-being of all at present, even if many solutions such as cycle paths, waste sorting, shared gardens, local short circuits, multi-party social contracts , SEL and time banks, local currencies, etc. have largely contributed.


The workshop therefore aims to:

  • Report on existing initiatives for consultation between local authorities, citizens and local actors integrating socio-economic objectives of the well-being of all at present and environmental objectives of reducing greenhouse gases and other forms of pollution ;
  • Identify the advances and difficulties in their implementation ;
  • Reflect on how municipalities and inhabitants can agree on quantified global objectives up to what would be necessary; and what methods of awareness-raising and animation would be adequate for their implementation, in particular through a shared reflection on the respective place of material and immaterial well-being of well-being in local life and in city districts (for example . based on the SPIRAL approach). This workshop will benefit from also relying on the tools discussed in "Citizens for the climate."?.

First session

This first session will take place online on 3rd november at 10a.m. to 12 a.m. (Brussels time and most European countries and West Africa. For Portugal, UK, Ireland, Gabon count one hour less. For Cape Verde 2 hours less. For Brazil 5-6 hours less, etc.)

To register send an email to contact (at) wikispiral.org by specifying the name of the workshop and your language.

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