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Universal Solidarity Project

General presentation

The universal solidarity project aims to develop solidarity and co-responsibility between human beings from the micro-local scale of a village or neighbourhood to the international level. It is based on a very simple idea :to give to those most in need, with a commitment not to return the money received as in the case of credit, but to make it available to others who are also in needand so on, creating solidarity chains based on a principle of sharing and equity. These solidarity chains exist in certain local communities (villages, urban districts), particularly in southern countries. They are sometimes managed by an association of community members who ensure traceability, as is the case in Cape Verde in the TOGETHER member territories. The project therefore aims to develop this solidarity at international level too, given the inequalities in access to resources, particularly between countries in the North (Europe, North America) and those in the South (Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia), with two key ideas:

  1. Propose twinning between these local communities and territories (municipalities) or organisations in Europe interested in sharing the experience and participating in these chains of solidarity.
  2. Set up a Universal Solidarity Fund (USF to supplement the resources that each twinning can mobilise. This fund would be financed on a voluntary basis by inviting all citizens to pay into it carbon offsets for CO2 emissions linked to their lifestyle (air travel, for example). This implies that all projects financed will result in a reduction in CO2 emissions, particularly from the use of fossil fuels, commensurate with the investment made.


After three preparatory meetings (see CRs - first?, second? and third? meetings), the project is now being tested with eight pilot communities - see description here?. We are currently looking for territories or organisations interested in developing a twinning with one of these communities. As for the FSU, it will be promoted and managed by a Steering Committee so that it can be allocated in a fair and transparent way, allowing all those who contribute to it to trace its use. We already have expressions of interest to participate.

Invitations to participate

We therefore invite any interested person, organisation or territory to come forward by writing to together(at)wikispiral.org and specifying the following points : I am/we are

  • interested in following theUniversal Solidarity project to stay informed, or even participate in the Steering Committee (for more information click here): YES/NO
  • interested in twinning with one of the Pilot Communities? (specify which) YES/NO
  • nterested in participating in the Universal Solidarity Fund_(USF), in particular by paying into it all or part of the carbon offsets from my surpluses over 2 tonnes per year and per person, on the basis of 80 euros per tonne (for more information click here?) YES/NO

On behalf of the TOGETHER Network and its Council of Alliances, thank you in advance for your participation !

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