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Alcochete is a Portuguese city with about 17 569 inhabitants, in the district of Setúbal, in the region of Lisbon and Setúbal Peninsula subregion. Alcochete is the headquarters of the Natural Reserve of the Tagus Estuary, possessing various saline nest where several species of waterfowl.

Multi-actors platform

The local multi-actors platform of Alcochete is the "Rede Social".


Portugal - Seniores de Alcochete

We are a Municipality, who wants promoting the welfare of the senior with a methodology, which involves citizens in the construction of their own indicators of wellbeing , facilitating the exchange of experiences promoting solutions based on local needs and resources.

The Municipal policy of Alcochete for the senior population has been based on strategies of stimulation of active ageing by creating several activities that keeps the psycho-motor skills and needs of this age group . However , planning of actions in progress are not sustained in knowledge of the priority needs of the senior population , there are few data that can assess the relationship between the needs of this population , their expectations , their potential and the current actions . The existence of these gaps is due to the low participation of senior citizens in decisions about responses directed to them.

Aiming at promoting the welfare of the population , it was decided to prepare the Municipal Plan Senior using a participatory methodology , allowing simultaneous listening and involve the responsibility of the senior citizens of the Municipality of Alcochete , recognizing their right and duty to participate actively in society , overcoming the stigma of age.

In order to know the indicators of well-being of the target audience , we used the SPIRAL methodology.

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