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You are an individual? Join us! We propose you a couple possible ways to collaborate:

You live or you are connected to a territory of co-responsibility ?

Join this territory by contacting its multi-stakeholder platform. You can find the list of territories of co-responsibility here?.

You work or are connected to a collective actor (firm, school, hospital, association, public service, etc.) that is developing the SPIRAL approach ?

Join it also by directly contacting its multi-stakeholder platform. You can find the list of collective actors developing the SPIRAL approach here.

If the two options above do not apply to you, you can initiate the process for instance by lauching a group of SPIRAL citizens (cycle “0” of SPIRAL)

The groups of SPIRAL citizens enable to engage in the SPIRAL approach within a small and simplified framework.
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You can easily initiate the process at home, with your colleagues, in your association, and then register amongst other groups of citizens. How to implement the approach: You shall first form a small group of 8 to 12 persons equipped with “stick-on” notes. Then, answer freely to the following three questions: - What do you understand by well-being? - What do you understand by ill-being? - What do you do and/or what can you do to ensure your own well-being and the well-being for all?

Write one answer per note, on as many notes as needed. After each question, collect all the notes. At the end of the three questions, classify all the answers on a big A0 sheet using this reference table, question by question. You will then be able to see which dimensions got the more “votes” in terms of well-being and ill-being, but also the ones that are overlooked.

On the basis of the third question, discuss about the actions to carry out. Once a small list of actions has been obtained, pool all the resources: each person shall write down his/her contact and what he/she proposes to enable one or several of these actions to be carried out. The action that get most of the support will be the one that will be developed by the whole group. If there are several groups, you can easily compare the results between each of them, pool the actions and the means in a third step.

This approach provides a simple and efficient way to organise the decision-making and the implementation of citizen actions without leaving anyone behind! It is also a great lever to ask institutions and various entities for their support.

If you want to go further, log in to our website wikispiral.org (it is free) and send a request to create a new citizen group. Once your group has been created and your data entered, you will have access to printable results in the form of graphs that you will be able to use freely!

Join us as an Associate Member

You already can be an Associate Member of TOGETHER, Territories of Co-responsibility International Network, and thus benefit from numerous advantages, by going to this page where you shall also find all necessary information about your membership.

You can also take part in our Network’s activities on a voluntary basis

You can commit yourself to the Network by working as a SPIRAL associate or volunteer. If you share the values of the Network, you can join us without any formal obligations. A lot of persons help the Network through different roles:

  • Dynamisors and facilitators
  • Animators or reference persons for a thematic sub-network
  • Researchers and scholars within the Council of Alliances
  • Public and private partners

Trainings are provided, in particular in France where the French national branch of the Network, TOGETHER France, has launched a SPIRAL training programme in the whole country.

Contact us!

TOGETHER, Territories of Co-responsibility International Network


Praça da Republica, 7630-139 Odemira (Portugal)


Travessa do Botequim n°6, 7630-185 Odemira (Portugal)


Labo'M 21 - Conseil général de la Gironde, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, 33074 Bordeaux Cedex (France)

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