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Membership and memberships fees


The members of TOGETHER are the pillars of the Network’s activity. They develop the SPIRAL approach on the ground, take part in both its dissemination and continual improvement and make the organisation of events of the Network possible.

You are invited to join them by registering on this page either as a full member or an associate member.

  • If you are a formal or informal Multi-stakeholder Platform representing all the different stakeholders of a territory (public/private stakeholders, institutions or associations), we propose you to join us with the status of Full Member which rights and obligations are specified in TOGETHER’s statutes and bylaw.
  • Similarly, if you are a local (a municipality), regional, national or international Public Authority, you are invited to join us as a Ex Officio Member, subject to the same rights and obligations outlined in TOGETHER’s statutes and bylaw.
  • If you are a Natural or Legal Person who identifies with TOGETHER’s values and objectives and wants to take part in their dissemination and development, you can join us as an Associate Member: the amount of your annual membership fees will be up to you but you will not be granted a right to vote in the assemblies.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

In addition to becoming an actor of the TOGETHER Network, the members can benefit from all the services it provides such as:

  • The services provided on our website https://wikispiral.org ;
  • The trainings organised by the Network;
  • The exchanges that are promoted by the Network, particularly exchanges of practices, methodological capitalisation, participation in thematic sub-networks and networks of collective actors, etc., whether it be through the website, meetings and/or field visits;
  • The remote support from the Secretariat;
  • The participation in the International Meetings of TOGETHER.

How to join our Network?

If you are in France: The French branch of TOGETHER was created in 2014. Joining TOGETHER France will automatically ensure your accession to the international Network as well. To do this, please download the form below and send the completed form to together-france(at)wikispiral.org so that we can process your application.

There are no national branches of TOGETHER in other countries for the moment so you will directly join TOGETHER International. To do this, please download the form below and send the completed form to together(at)wikispiral.org so that we can process you application. Formulaire D'adhésion à TOGETHER International

Calculation and payment of annual membership fees

  • For full and ex officio members the amount of the membership fees is calculated according to the number of inhabitants of the territory and the level of development of the country (see the Rules of Procedure of TOGETHER network).
  • For associate members the amount of annual membership fees is free and not compulsory. As an indication, it can be 10 euros per year for individual members and 100 euros per year for collective members.

For the calculation and payment of your membership fees download this Excel file which allows you to do it easily.

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