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From 2005 the Territory of Co-responsibility approach has been applied on an experimental basis first in Mulhouse and subsequently in Timisoara (Romania), in the province of Trento (Italy) and in the 14th district of Paris (Ile de France Region). Other European as well as worldwide territories have applied it for example the muncipalities located in the Wallon Region (Belgium) with the suport of the Regional Government and the regional statistical insitute (IWEPS), in two groups of municipalities in Brittany (France) in cooperation with the NGO Pekea, as well as 300 rural communities in Cape Verde? under the national poverty alleviation programme, and districts and municipalities of Libreville and its conurbation in Gabon.

In order to facilitate the pooling of experiences and dissemination of methods, a first International Meeting of the Territories of Coresponsiblity? was held on the 25 September 2009 in Mulhouse. It provided an opportunity to make a first appraisal of the results and to launch the idea of an International Network of the Territories of Co-responsibility.

Following the conclusions of this first Intenational Meeting, the network has been first informally set up with eigth cities of eigth different countries of the European Union ( the cities of Mulhouse in France, ((Infos Braine l'Alleud|Braine l'Alleud)) in Belgium, Kavala in Greece, Covilha in Portugal, Pergine in Italy, Salaspils in Latvia, Botkyrka in Sweden, Debica in Poland), with the name "TOGETHER for Territories of Coresponsabiltiy", thanks to co-financing of European Union in the framework of Urbact II program. It allowed regular echanges between these cities as well with other cities of territories in Europe or other continents which implement this approach. A charter of Territories of Co Responsibility was dicussed and subsequently approved in Braine-l'Alleud on the 24 March 2010 which provided clarifications on the values, objectives and modus operandum of the network.

A Second International Meeting of the Territories of Co-responsibility was held on 22 and 23 November 2012 also in Mulhouse. It provided an opportunity to take stock of all the methodological achievements made during the initial three years since the network has been set up. It was decided that the International Network of the Territories of Co responsibility would be set up as a legal body, to ensure continuity of the organization of an International Meeting of the network every three or four years (the Third International Meeting would be held in braine- L’Alleud on 2nd to 4th November 2016) as well as to ensure the rotation of the coordination of the network in every International Meeting. Since the network has been setup and coordinated by Mulhouse three other cities have taken up this role. These are Braine -l'Alleud (Belgium) , Kavala (Greece) and Lisbon Platform interconcelhias (which could not, for legal reasons join the network at its official constitution, leading to the election of Kairouan in Tunisia as the third coordinator from November 4, 2013). The decision was also taken to keep the name of Together for the network and give continuity to all the achievements of the first three years of informal operation.

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