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Together - Formal Constitution

Following the aims set for 2013 in the Council of Europe Social Cohesion Action Plan, the International Network of the Territories of Co-responsibility has been officialy created on November 4th 2013 in Strasbourg. It is presently coordinated by three cities: Kavala (Greece), Braine-l'Alleud (Belgium) and Kairouan (Tunisia).

Acts by the Plenary Meeting of the Foundators

Meeting together in General Assembly on November 4th 2013 at 18h30 in the meeting room 5 of the Palais de l’Europe, Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the founding members, signing parties of this act, representing Territories of Co-responsibility in several countries:

  1. have taken the decision to create the International network of Territories of Co-responsibility, or Together Network, in the form of an association under Portuguese law;
  2. have approved unanimously the statutes of this association listed in annex 1 of this act;
  3. have approved unanimously the Internal Regulation listed in annex 2 of this act;
  4. have elected the following members:
  • Chair of the Management Board: City of Kavala (Greece)
  • Vice-Chair of the Management Board: City of Braine l'Alleud (Belgium)
  • Secretary of the Management Board: City of Kairouan (Tunisia)
  • Chair of the General Assembly Bureau: City of Mulhouse (France)
  • Vice-Chair of the General Assembly Bureau: Ulyanovsk Region (Russia)
  • Secretary of the General Assembly Bureau: multi-stakeholder platform of Arbaa Sahel (Morocco)
  • Chairman of the Auditing Committee: Rede Social de Arcos de Valdevez (Portugal)
  • Vice-Chairman of the Auditing Committeet: City of Charleroi (Belgium)
  • Secretary of the Auditing Committee: City of Al Hoceima (Morocco)

Signed in Strasbourg, the 4th of November 2013

List of the Founding Members - see here :

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