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Thematic Subnets Space

This space is dedicated to thematic subnets coordinators. Here, they can exchange all relevant information among themselves.Everyone can send his/her comments, suggestions and questions, but also reply to concerns other referents have.

Questions - Answers

Where can we find the previous thematic subnets meetings participants list ?

Thanks to this list, it will be easier to contact these people, in order to tell them about CO-ACTE project and to renew the dynamics!

Space Management Patrice WEISHEIMER : Popular Education Union - SEP-UNSA: Network Coordinator Florent CHIAPPERO : ETC Collective representative Jacques DETEMPLE: Les Haies vives Association Pierre LEGRAND : Artist Daniel OBRECHT : Green guérilla Projects in Strasbourg Nadia ZOURGUI-SAADA : Bas-Rhin Prefecture

Common goods Management Jacky BLANC Roberto COVOLO Thomas DAWANCE Gilda FARRELL Tommasso FATTORI Helder GUERREIRO Dulce LOPES Emilio SANTORO

Mobility André DESMET : Network Coordinator Chantal KRAFFT : Vélostation Association , Strasbourg. Angelo MEULEMAN : Taxistop Network, Belgium. Vincent MUREZ : CADR 67, Bicycle school Actions Manager, Strasbourg. Bruno PARASOTE : Urban planning Ingineer, Illkirch. Sandrine VOKAER : Taxistop Network, Belgium.

Time Management Jez SPENCER and Reyas Limaia: Fairshare UK, British Time Banks Laurence DUMAS : SEL’idaires, French Association promoting SEL M. Cyril KRETZSCHMAR : Rhône-Alpes Regional Council Agnès OHLENBUSCH : Strasbourg's SEL Grazia PRATELLA : Italian Time Banks National Association Zoé RENAUT-REVOYRE : Accorderies de France Network Remy VON FRENCKELL : Waterloo's SEL (Belgique)

Access to employement Jorge GUIMARES : Thematic Network Coordinator, Cape Verde Lhoussaine AIT BRAHIM : SPIRAL Dynamisor, Marocco Alexandra KRASSOPOULOU :VIOME self-managed factory Representative, Greece Rui SA CARNEIRO : Caxias social Association, Portugal

The Elderly Manuela COUTINHO : Thematic Network Coordinator Márcia BARROS : Help for Caregivers, Ponte de Lima Patrícia CAETANO : Alcochete Municipality Sónia DURÃES : Monçao Senior Club, Censo à Monção Sílvia ESPINHEIRA : Bringing families closer by using internet, Arcos de Valdevez José Eduardo ESTEVES : Municipalité d’Alcochete Antonio FONSECA : Expert, University Professor, Braga Belmira REIS : Bringing families closer by using internet, Arcos de Valdevez Frédéric SIMONART : Duo for a job Association, Bruxelles

Inter-territoriality Anne-Françoise Nicolay and Indirah Osumba: Thematic Network Coordinators Lhoussaine AIT BRAHIM : SPIRAL Dynamisor (Maroc) Fabrizio ALBICOCCO :Braine-L'Alleud Municipality Carine JANSEN : Interdepartementale Delegation for social cohesion – DiCS, Belgium Quentin LAURENT : Florennes Municipality Cristelle MASQUILLIER : Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont Municipality Anne-Catherine VERKAEREN : La Hulpe Municipality Michèle VERKAUTEREN : Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing Municipality

How can thematic networks referents can request the mobilization of all coresponsibility territories ?

Can we benefit from the existing file for realizing preliminary work ?

You can find all available information about thematic networks and previous meetings reports here

Did you progress in creating a mailbox per network ?

Mailboxes creation for each network is in progress and will be soon available.

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