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TOGETHER is a network of territories and actors who want to be involved in the well-being of all and that of our Planet.

No matter if you are an individual citizen, a family, people living under the same roof, local group, you are all invited to participate to the project Learning together to make the right choices, for us, for the future generations. This project has been made possible thanks to partner networks such as Resistance climatique, Compte carbone in France. If you are a private or public sector organisation, you can participate as well in the project going to the page territories.

Building together individual or collective solutions to drastically reduce our greenhouses gases and at the same time adressing the well-being of all has become an emergency.

TOGETHER offers to anybody a page where he or she can show his or her choices and communicate with others. The results of the impact on the greenhouse gas and well-being will be shown and automatically agregated. Give it a try !

If this page doesn't list your data, please contact us so we can create your citizen page.

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