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Attribute components and categories

This tool enables you to attribute multiple criteria at once. On top of it you have first the filter options (click on filter to show or hide), that enable you search for some specific criteria, for instance from a particular homogenous group, or containing specific words. Below the search tool you have the count of the number of criteria. When there is no filter, it shows the total of your plat-form's criteria.

Then below you have the list of the criteria, with editable zones. You can now sort this list by clicking on a column title. The list is paginated, so you will have to go through multiple pages. At the bottom of the page you can navigate the pages, or use the page links with mouse right-click (context menu, open in new tab) to open the next pages in new Firefox tabs. Once the data you want to work on shows, you can then modify the editable fields. Whenever one has been changed, its background color switches to yellow. Once you are done, click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the criteria list.

The improved field filling tool

We have developed a tool to fill in multiple fields at once in order to save time and avoid repetition. This tool works in two steps : 1. Check the boxes to the left of the criteria you want to mass-modify; 2. At the bottom of the table, there are empty cells belonging to the columns with filling enabled : just type the new value in it, and when you click outside the cell, the value is applied to all the checked cells in that column. After this step there is an optional third one : if now you return in the filler cell, and delete its contents, now all checked cells are empty.

Help with the attribution

What is the attribution ? It consists to sort criteria into categories, depending on their contents. There exist three kinds of those categories : The object code, like in "what is it talking about", the meaning code, like in "how does is talk about it", and the beneficiary code, like in "For who does it say that". Here, we can first attribute the simplest part of the object code, that we call the component, and that is composed of one of the 9 main dimensions (A, B, C, ..) and adds two figures : A00, A01, A02, A03, ..., B00, B01, B02, ... We as well can attribute the meaning code in this tool. Please consult the determination key to look for information about what code to attribute to you criteria, and please consult the codification reference (work in progress) for more complete information. If you have any question please use the discussion links at the bottom of the page that makes you raise a question.

Link to the Determination key: FR EN Link to the Codification reference: FR

You do not have the rights do do this operation

Please contact a local Spiral dynamisor, a fellow group member, or the Together staff in order to be a member of your platform. Once granted membership you will be able to add data in the platform.

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