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The Territory of Co-responsibility is a territory in which a local multi-actors platform is created, defined as a "coordination group" with a desire to develop new forms of co-responsibility through concrete actions. These players are then invited to collect and publish the co-responsibility pilot actions performed.

The actions of coresponsability database includes most of them and their specific data: territory, theme, descriptions and assessments of actions, etc.

Access to SPIRAL pilot actions database

C.R.E.A. Solidarity fighting waste

Auteur : alessandra sciurba - Publié le : 2013-04-16 08:42 -

The project C.R.E.A. (Surplus Food Recovery Centre) aims to collect surplus food (i.e. goods that cannot be sold but that are still consumable), both fresh and packaged, from the small, medium and large retailers, for their redistribution to people living in conditions of poverty and social exclusion. The main actors involved in its organisation are people who live in the Community of St. Benedetto al Porto, who through this work implement their emancipation and autonomy. The project is partly implemented and partly remains to be implemented.

Access to pilot actions database

Éléments trouvés : 83
NameInvert SortPlaceRegionCountryThemeCréé le
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 13:28
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 13:53
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 13:57
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:03
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:11
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:15
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:21
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:29
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:38
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:42
Ulyanovsk RegionRussia2013-11-19 14:46
2013-11-19 14:49
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:19
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:24
2013-11-21 10:29
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:41
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:45
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:51
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:54
Ulyanovsk RegionRussian Federation2013-11-21 10:59
2015-03-20 10:41
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centre d'intégration sociale DebicaPologneintegration, insertion2012-08-16 22:33
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centre pharmaceutique solidaireKavalaGrèceSanté-précarité2012-08-16 22:33
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Contrat social multipartiteStrasbourgAlsaceFranceContrat social multipartite2012-08-16 22:33
Création d'une grainothèqueAyenLimousinFranceEquilibres économiques2015-07-24 11:56
Création d'une grainothèque d'échange entre les membres du collectif (avec possibilité d'extension)AyenCorrèzeFranceEquilibres Economiques2015-07-23 14:50
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