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4th International meeting - AG TOGETHER
Online General Meeting on November 4, 2020 at 4 p.m. (Brussels time)


According to its statutes, the International Network of Territories of Co-responsibility organizes a General Assembly at the end of every International Meeting, i.e. every 4 years. The General Assembly of November 4, 2020 follows the one of November 4, 2016 in Braine l'Alleud. It will be carried out online, taking into account the context of the covid 19 pandemic.


The agenda for the General Assembly is as follows:

  1. To present, discuss and approve the activity report and the financial report for the past 4 years, the first being presented by the Management Board of TOGETHER and the second by its Auditing Committee.
  2. To debate and approve the action plan for the next 4 years, following the debates during the 4th International Meeting and its conclusions, particularly around the project Project "Together let's learn to make the right choices"
  3. To examine and decide about the proposal for opening the organs of the network to associate members (see annex below);
  4. To elect the members of the 3 organs of TOGETHER network for the next 4 years: Management Board, General Assembly Bureau and Auditing Committee.


The TOGETHER General Assembly is open to anyone interested. However, only members can take part in decisions. To become a member of TOGETHER click here


Click here to upload the Report of the General Assembly

Annex: Proposal to modify the statutes

In article 5 of the statutes, it is written:

“Co-ordination of the Together Network shall be ensured by:

  • a Management Board, comprising three full members (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary); its role shall be to co-ordinate the Network between general meetings, with the support of the Secretariat;
  • a General Assembly Bureau, comprising three full or ex officio members (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) to organise and ensure the smooth running of the Network’s general meetings;
  • and an Auditing Committee comprising three full or ex officio members (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) to verify the proper management of the Network, in particular the annual financial statements, with the support of the Secretariat.”

The Management Board and the Secretariat of TOGETHER propose to the General Assembly to delete "full members" and "full or ex officio members" in this article, leaving only "three members" for the three bodies, thus opening the possibility for associate members to be elected. As a reminder, this problem had already arisen during the General Assembly of November 4, 2016. During the General Assembly of November 4, 2020, this point must be addressed before the election of the new organs of the network to allow the election of associate members this day.

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