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The well-being, as opposite to ill-being/suffering, is the universal expression of the aspirations of every human being. this is thus an ultimate objective of the society. The definition of the well-being of all in its diversity and its multidimensionality is to be done by the citizens; this is a key issue of democracy.

Co-responsibility for the well-being of all presupposes first to formulate in a new way the question of well-being: what is it? how to define it? how to make it a goal of progress? This step is necessary in order to relativize the material well-being, exacerbated in indefinite growth model of production and consumption. It paves the way to (re) discover other dimensions of well-being and give them all their importance.

It’s also time to formulate this issue in an inclusive perspective to build a shared vision of well-being of all. This is the base for the development of the SPIRAL methodology.

The first result of SPIRAL is the multidimensionality of the well-being for all, when defined by citizens. SPIRAL sessions done since 2006 and the actual database of more than 60 criteria have lead to define 9 dimensions and 67 components.

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