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The benefits of “time” as a resource are multi-fold, and free-of-charge in many cases. By using and taking our time in the everyday, it is possible to achieve many things – greater community, inclusion, or just happier environments in general – as well as to fulfil specific needs. Nevertheless, many people in contemporary Europe regard time differently; it is something that is to be beaten or combatted in a sort of “race against time”.

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Time is a resource however, just like any other “tool” we use to get from point A to point B. The mind, money, physical tools (cars, computers, etc.) are all resources, but if not used in conjunction with time, what can be accomplished? What is also important to keep in mind is how, and for whom, this resource that is “time” could be used in a beneficial manner to society.

Concepts such as Time banks, Social centres and LETS (local exchange and trading systems), although each differs from the other, all use time in a resourceful, meaningful way. This reconfiguration of time creates communities that no longer need to rely solely on financial means to survive. Rather, many people, particularly those with financial constraints, are using “time” as a principal resource.

Below are actions that give evidence of the resourcefulness of time. What must also be remembered is that these specific employments of time can be a means to avoiding waste, building & sharing community, fostering social inclusion and improving the well-being of people overall. In short, time is no longer just “of the essence” but more is the essence.


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Using "Time" as a resource

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    Author: Lorna Muddiman - Published At: 2013-04-19 09:23 -
    The Streetbank Concept

    Streetbank is a website that allows you to see all the things and skills that your neighbours living with a mile of you are lending, sharing or giving away. In short, it helps you share and borrow things from people in your community whom you might never have gotten the chance to meet otherwise.


    Author: Lorna Muddiman - Published At: 2013-04-19 09:00 -


    Time Bank of Athens

    Author: Lorna Muddiman - Published At: 2013-04-18 13:02 -

    The Athens Time Bank was created in May 2011, at Sydagma Square, when thousands of people gathered there to participate in mass strikes and demonstrations.

    Casa di tutte le genti (All people home)

    Author: alessandra sciurba - Published At: 2013-04-03 08:08 -

    An Association of women coming from many different countries and pooling their resources in the creation of a collective and self-managed educational institution designed to accommodate children aged from a few months to 12 years in the context of structural inadequacy of public services.

    How to set up a Timebank

    Author: TOOLosophy - Published At: 2013-02-28 15:07 -

    Time banking is a p2p currency system where individual members exchange services on a voluntary basis with one another. Time banking values everyone’s time as equal. For every hour spent helping someone in your community, the contributor is entitled to an hour of help in return. The currency units are not money but hours of time spent by people on any type of labour (called a time dollar in the USA or a time credit in the UK).

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