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Third international meeting of co-responsible territories

Wednesday 02/11/2016

Presentation and enrichment of the CO-ACTE road map proposal

Cultural Center of Braine-l’Alleud – Street Jules Hans, 4 – 1420 Braine-l’Alleud

8h00Welcoming of participants 9h00Official opening of the meeting : Welcoming word from M. Olivier Parvais, Adjunct au Bourgmestre, President of Centre Public d'Action sociale and Provincial Advisor. Introduction of the day by Mme Dimitra Tsanaka, Mayor of Kavala (Greece) and President of the TOGETHER network. 9h30SPIRAL method and TOGETHER network history by M. Jean Rottner, Mayor of Mulhouse, pioneer in that approach. 9h45General presentation of the results of CO-ACTE : synthesis of the citizens' expectations, contributions of the 4 thematic reunions and the road map proposal which ensue by M. Samuel Thirion, Secretary General of the TOGETHER network and the various participants – Debate with the public. 10h45Coffee break proposed by the ASBL OXFAM of Braine-l’Alleud 11h00Round table on the political interest of the road-map from a local level to a the European one with M. Tanguy Stuckens, Deputy of the province of Brabant Walloon, in charge of the Social Affairs ; M. Olivier Parvais, Adjunct at Bourgmestre, President of the Center of Public d'Action sociale and Provincial Advisor ; M. André Flahaut, Ministre du Budget, de la Fonction Publique et de la simplification administrative de la Walloon Fédération, M. Pascal Canfin, Director de WWF France, ex-Minister and European ex-deputy (to confirm), Mme Valérie Ciolos and M. Dacian Ciolos, Prime Minister of Romania (to confirm).

At the Academy of Music and the Art school – Rue du Château, 45-47

13h00Buffet lunch realized by « Restô et Compagnie » 14h00Workshops in order to complete the road-map on key themes for the welfare of all :

15h45Coffee break l’ASBL OXFAM of Braine-l’Alleud 16h00What are the potential partnerships between networks for the roadmap ?

17h30Departure of buses towards the 1815 Memorial 18h00Visit of the battle emplacement 19h00Apéro dînatoire - Quatuor from the Chamber of the Music Academy of Braine-l’Alleud 19h30Welcoming words from Monsieur Vincent Scourneau, Deputy Bourgmestre de Braine-l'Alleud and by Monsieur Gilles Mahieu, Governor Of the Brabant Wallon Province

Intervention to present what the meeting and TOGETHER network want to propose to politics by Monsieur Samuel Thirion, Secrétaire Général de TOGETHER

21h00Departure of buses to the train station of Braine-l'Alleud

Thursday 3/11/2016:

Thinking about the perspectives opened by the road map

At the Academy of Music and the School of Arts - Rue du Château, 45-47

9h00Opening of the day by M. Rottner, Mayor of Mulhouse (to confirm). 9h15Rendition of the workshops, presentation of the proposals to enrich the road-map 10h30Coffee break by l’ASBL OXFAM of Braine-l’Alleud 10h45Debates and exchanges with participants about the propositions presented to finalize the roadmap which will be presented to governments and to the European Comission. 12h00How can the road-map help to go further than what is already applied in some countries and regions ? Example of the Walloon region with its Social Cohesion Plans in each municipality – Organised by Mme Carine Jansen, Director of the interdepartmental Direction of the Social Cohesion (DiCS) of the Walloon region and debate 12h30Buffet lunch realized by the « Restô et Compagnie » 14h00Presentation of some actions PCS applied by the Walloon municipalities and open debate on perspectives concerning the roadmap. Session organised in small groups of participants mono language (only one language spoken) going room by room with in each a Walloon municipality :

15h45Coffee break proposed by the ASBL OXFAM of Braine-l’Alleud 16h00Workshops by countries : How can that road map be applied in the different countries? 17h00Synthesis and final conclusions of what will be brought to Brussels 17h45Welcoming words of Madame Marie-Anne Hatert-Marloye, Echevine charged of Culture and Informatique, and of Monsieur Vincent Batens, Director of the School of Arts of Braine-l'Alleud.

Drums of the Academy of music of Braine-l'Alleud : "Visite d'un monde sonore !"

At the Academy of Music and at the School of Arts – Rue du Château, 45-47

18h30Animation "Kitchen" : Transposable kitchen is a project of Thorsten Baensch and Christine Dupuis since 2000. It is an artistic act, participatory, already presented in Brussels, Düsseldorf, Courtrai, Kuala, Lumpur, Louvain-la-Neuve, Munich, New-York, Singapor and Tunis. Transportable because she drives, she writes her own story by showing the state of the links which unite us throughout social statuses, origins, encouraging to not avoid the idea of a common future in choice or restriction. Kitchen is place of theater, a place of cuisine and a place to share. Exchanges through years gathered a thousand recipes which allowed to publish 7 editions of artists' books. 19h30Walking dinner realized by « Benin Solidarity », « Fair Peace in Middle East », « Ray of Hope», « Third World Team », « Oxfam » and the Consultative Comission for the International Solidarity

Friday 4/11/2016:

Bring the road-map through the network and to authorities

At the Academy of Music and at the School of Arts – Rue du Château, 45-47

9h00Opening speech by the General Assembly of TOGETHER. Intervention of Madame Dimitra Tonaka, Maire de Kavala (Greece) and President of the network ; Monsieur Jean Rottner, Mayor of Mulhouse ; Monsieur Fayçal Kaabi, Mayor adjoint of Kairouan and Sécrétaire of the network ; Monsieur Olivier parvais, Adjunt at the Bourgmestre, President of Centre Public d'Action Sociale and Provincial Advisor, Vice-president of the network. 10h30Coffee break proposed by l’ASBL OXFAM de Braine-l’Alleud 10h45What objectives and what strategy for the after Braine L'Alleud and the 3 upcoming year. What will be the new direction of the network? 12h00Buffet lunch offered by « Restô et compagnie » 13h00Departure to Brussels

At the seat of the governing board of the Comity of Regions - Rue Belliard, 99-101 – 1040 Brussels


The Commune of Braine-l'Alleud, the Inter-Departmental Direction of Social Cohesion (SCID) of the Walloon Region and the TOGETHER Network itself are the 3 CO-ACTE project partners in charge of the organization and the conduct of the Third International Meeting of the Territories of Co-responsibility. To them are added the following partners:

  • The AECEA EU (Europe for Citizens Program), the Meeting co-financer
  • The Brabant Province for a cross-provincial perspective, the Meeting co-financer
  • The Walloon Region, for a inter-community and transverse perspective, the Meeting co-financer

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