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Countries and participation to SPIRAL:

To register in a SPIRAL coordination group:

Please select a country first then an already registered SPIRAL coordination group to request to join to. If the coordination group doesn't yet exist, please contact us to request its creation.

Check the country, then pick up your coordination Group (CG)
{$f_166} -> {$f_167}

{$f_168} You are a Facilitator in your CG? {$f_169} You are a local participant?

If you are not yet part of a SPIRAL coordination group:

Choose your country: {$f_281} {$f_170} You are a researcher?

Please contact us if you want to create a coordination group. Please fill in, to avoid spamming, the following form : {$register_passcode} Please write above in lowercase the name of the territories of coresponsibility network (in logo top right). {$f_482} Please write here the number of letters that compose the name of the territories of coresponsibility network.

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