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Responding together gives you the possibility to contribute in various ways. You can either simply drop us a link here or, after having registered to the website, you can interact in more ways with the website content : submit us an action, a challenge you are facing and/or answer to an article that took your interest while browsing the acting together and learning together themes. You also have the simple possibility of submitting content via a structured form.

The Title

Write a short, engaging title for your case-study that will raise interest and awareness about the local context and catch the attention of the users/readers/participants.

The Challenge

Write a general description explaining the challenge or problems you are facing in your locality. In the specific case of “Responding Together”, a challenge will address any or all of the following: access to human rights and to democratic process, precariousness, impoverishment, inequalities, stigmatisation, erosion of social networks and care, solidarity with newcomers (migrants, refugees), abandoned, underused or misused resources, improvement of public or private services, cooperation between public services and citizens’ organisations, sharing resources, resilience.

Some ideas:

  • Why can't you overcome the difficulties, the inertias or the barriers?
  • What would you like to achieve by sharing your challenge?
  • What type of action(s)/process(es) would you like to start?
  • What resources are you able to identify or to commit to?
  • What type of legitimacy are you hoping or aiming to gain?

The Local Context

Briefly describe the challenge you are encountering: its impact, some of the inertias associated with it, the shortcomings of previously attempted interventions and the skills/knowledge/competences (technical, social, etc.) as well as the funding that it would require in order to be addressed effectively. What would you consider as desired improvements? What kinds of support are you looking for? Add Tags You can add tags to help others find your case-study. Please use no more than 10 tags and try to use existing tags (which will appear as you type) in order to maximize your visibility in searches. On the website, users will be able to filter search results by tags. Make it visual Choose a characteristic image or a video for your locality and/or your challenge. It will be displayed along with the content. You can modify it at any time and even upload additional images, link/embed videos and attach documents.

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