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Public policy workshop
Saturday October 31, 2020 at 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Brussels time)
Public policy workshop
(Exchange workshop as part of the project Project ((Learning together to make the right choices Project |"Learning together to make the right choices Project"))

Purpose of the workshop

Public policies have a major role and responsibility in relation to the objective of the well-being of all and that of the planet and future generations. Beyond regulation by fiscal and financial laws and measures, and direct or indirect State intervention, the question also arises in terms of methods and the provision of means allowing citizens and actors to find themselves. even their own solutions and make the right choices. It is essentially on this point that the workshop would focus.


This is why the workshop would focus on the debate on the right choices in terms of methods and allocation of resources that can guarantee greater overall efficiency of society in relation to the objective of the well-being of all and of the planet and that of future generations.

Progress of the first session (date et heure à fixer entre les 31/10 et le 3/11/2020)

It is proposed to take social and development assistance as a starting point for the workshop with a text to launch the debate which is a call proposal for a model of social development decentralizing decisions in villages and neighborhoods (voir l'exemple du Cap Vert), developed following a seminar on this theme with Gabonese officials.

This first session will take place online in French and English on Saturday October 31 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Brussels time and most European countries and West Africa. For Portugal, UK, Ireland, Gabon count one hour less. For Cape Verde 2 hours less. For Brazil 5-6 hours of less, etc.)

It will be led by Jorge Guimarães who was responsible for the animation of the program to fight against poverty in Cape Verde for 16 years, conducted in a decentralized manner in the villages. To register send an email to contact (at) wikispiral.org by specifying the name of the workshop.

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