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Plat-Form achievements

This page provides an edition tool in order to update the achievements of each plat-form (= which SPIRAL stage they have fulfilled). It consists in a simple text field with the three cycles and 24 steps, all separated with a ; symbol (semicolon).

To update a field:

- Simply copy/paste this template: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; - You can put a number on the first and last place and in between each semicolon - Just count the steps and put the number in the correct place like in the examples - The website will render this in the shape of a table cells, some of them containing a number, others empty

See below for some examples:

Braine L' Alleud achievements: 11;;;;;;;;21;22;;;;26;27;;;32;33;;;;; Here the plat-form has achieved the phases 11, 21, 22, 26, 27, 32, 33

Example for a territory that has achieved all SPIRAL cycles 11;12;13;14;15;16;17;18;21;22;23;24;25;26;27;28;31;32;33;34;35;36;37;38

TousPlat-form namePaysPlat-form typeCréédernière modif.
Bahia de JiquiliscoEl Salvador El SalvadorTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-12-14 19:392019-12-14 21:39
Rouffach HôpitauxFrance FranceCollective Actor2012-11-22 04:132019-06-28 12:03
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Plateforme Sud-EstFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-05-09 14:382019-05-09 14:38
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Plateforme Sud OuestFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:472019-04-29 08:47
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Plateforme NORDFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:462019-04-29 08:46
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Plateforme CENTREFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:442019-04-29 08:44
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Jeunesse, vie associativeFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:312019-04-29 08:31
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Enfance, santé, familleFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:302019-04-29 08:30
Schema solidarite Ardeche - AutonomieFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:292019-04-29 08:29
Schema solidarite Ardeche - Action sociale / proximité insertionFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:242019-04-29 08:24
Schema solidarite ArdecheFrance FranceTerritory of Coresponsibility2019-04-29 08:212019-04-29 08:21
La HulpeBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-24 17:552019-03-29 16:05
JodoigneBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:392019-03-29 16:03
IttreBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-24 17:482019-03-29 16:00
IncourtBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:382019-03-29 15:57
GenappeBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:332019-03-29 15:54
Chaumont GistouxBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:302019-03-29 15:52
ChastreBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:282019-03-29 15:49
Braine-le-ChâteauBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-05 12:262019-03-29 15:45
BeauvechainBelgium BelgiumTerritory of Coresponsibility2014-11-24 17:202019-03-29 15:42
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What to do in case of a "Syntax error"?

Don't panic ! To ensure all the entered data is correct, there is a strong validation prcess. It checks: - If there is 24 numbers of two figures (or empty values) separated with ; (semicolons) - If the 8 first numbers' first figure is 1, 9-16 numbers' first figure is 2, 8 last numbers first figure is 3 - If there is 22 semicolons - If there is no invalid characters, or spaces...

When you click anywhere else than the edition zone, the pattern is validated, deleted if there is any mistake, and kept when it is good.

For the geeks here is the regex pattern:


Please contact us if you have any trouble.

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