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My Positive SPIRAL

This year will be a decisive point in the international campaign against climate change. Nicolas Hulot Foundation has launched a campaign called My Positive Impact in order to value the most efficient solutions for climate.

VOTE TO CHANGE THE DEAL you have the power to give what need theses solutions :

  • a way to let them be known by people,
  • credibility to develope,
  • a huge network to work at the stake.

The way for you to give this is very easy, you just have to vote on : http://www.mypositiveimpact.org/projets/solution/item/spiralle_bien_etre_de_tous_et_du_climat-95

Carrefull : this contest is very specific in two ways : - you have 5 votes that you can give to 5 different solutions, or you can give the 5 to the same solution - you have to vote EVERY DAYS of the contest --> you have 5 votes for every days

The 5 more popular solutions will win a multimedia campaign (TV, radio, magazines, web...) http://www.mypositiveimpact.org/projets/solution/item/spiralle_bien_etre_de_tous_et_du_climat-95

TOGETHER - France needs you !

We truly, really, needs you. Please, vote, tell your friends, your colleagues, yor family, your networks to vote now and every days. This is an incredible chance to let people know about SPIRAL, the methodological framework, the tools, the network... This is an incredible chance to promote the coresponsibility for the well-being of all, for today and tomorrow. More than ever, we have to work all together for a collaborative democracy, on new path for the well-being of all, on new indicators built by the population ... More than ever, we have to opportunity to promote SPIRAL http://www.mypositiveimpact.org/projets/solution/item/spiralle_bien_etre_de_tous_et_du_climat-95

The website is in french language, but here is a short video to explain how to vote :

Thanks a lot, really...

If you have questions, please don't hesitate a second : https://wikispiral.org/tiki-index.php?page=together-fr

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