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Meaning subcode : the way we talk about an object

The meaning code is the way we talk about an object : access to the object, quality of the object, sustainability, etc.

  1. It includes a simple level : a letter : R, P, O, Q or S
    • Any meaning code is resumed in five categories
  2. It includes also an advanced level
    • To the category we add two figures : O21 (here in this exemple it means that "there's not enough of the object")

The categories

Catégories are the first level of the whole meaning code, which is essential to build indicators and surveys. There is five of them. When there is a limited number of criteria (by experience less than 4000) there are enough to build the surveys and indicators. When we use only the categories, we add two dashes after the letter for a better understanding.

CODECategory frCategory endernière modif.
R--OppositionOpposition2012-05-17 15:43
P--PossibilitéPossibility2012-05-17 15:44
O--ObtentionAttainment2012-05-17 15:44
Q--QualitéQuality2012-05-17 15:44
S--SoutenabilitéSustainability2012-05-17 15:44

The full meaning code

The meaning code adds two figures after the category to complete them. It permits to fine-tune how we speak about an object, to better correspond to the criterion. This is very useful when we try to sort out a huge amount of criteria to define the questions of the survey.

CODESInvert SortGeneric Expression FRGeneric Expression ENdernière modif.
S39En ce qui concerne X je suis en évolution permanente, je continue à apprendre2012-08-13 13:43
S382012-08-13 13:43
S372012-08-13 13:43
S362012-08-13 13:43
S352012-08-13 13:43
S342012-08-13 13:43
S332012-08-13 13:43
S322012-08-13 13:43
S31Le confort sans effets négatifs pour les autres (générations futures incluses)2012-08-13 13:43
S30Satisfaction et bien-être de tous / Stabilité sociétal.2012-08-13 13:43
S29J’ai la possibilité de transmettre un X satisfaisant aux générations futures2012-08-13 13:43
S28Je garde toujours X même après de longues périodes sans l’avoir entretenu, renouvelé 2012-08-13 13:43
S27Xeo est conçu à partir des besoins exprimés2012-08-13 13:43
S26Xeo répond aux normes du DD : environnementales, sociales, etc.2012-08-13 13:43
S25Xeo atteint à un niveau qualitatif qui le rend irréversible ou difficilement réversible (D04)2012-08-13 13:43

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