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Territory of coresponsibility of Kavala

Greece - Kavala

The city of Kavala is located in the North of Greece, in the region of East Macedonia & Thrace. Kavala is a seaside city with 85 000 inhabtiatns, not far from the Bulgarian border and from Turkey. The Municipality of Kavala is the 2nd biggest commercial port in the North. Besides being considered one of the major fishery centres in Greece, Kavala has a leading role in the local economy, as well as in the industrial economy sector.

By participating in the TOGETHER project, the Municipality focuses on establishing a network of its social services along with some of the more active local NGOs. The main challenges are:

  • families in need, suffering from poverty, domestic violence, drug addicts and single mothers
  • the problem of an ageing population and of increasing the birth rate
  • inclusion and support of the family institutions

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List of Homogenous groups

Nom du groupe homogènePlate-formeLangueCreatedInvert Sort
Kavala : Elderly but socialized people Low educatedKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Elderly people with mobility problems Low educatedKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Paretns of children with drug problemsKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : People in pension or a bit before that want to contribute to the community High educated peopleKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : People with social problems ex-convicts ex-drug usersKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Single parent families Low Educated Most of them in search of a jobKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Statal employees High educated peopleKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Young mothersKavala2012-07-05 16:04
Kavala : Employees at the elderly centresKavalaGreek2016-03-10 11:57
Kavala : parents of the pupils of Zygo's kindergardenKavalagreek2016-03-21 07:13
Kavala : pupils at the Zygo's kindergardenKavalagreek2016-03-21 08:44
Kavala : employees at "Home assistance" structureKavalakavala2016-03-21 09:16
Kavala : education staff of Lysimachou kindergardenKavalaEnglish2016-03-21 09:29
Kavala : pupils at Lysimachou kindergarden KavalaEnglish2016-03-21 09:30
Kavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergardenKavalaEnglish2016-03-21 09:32
Kavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureKavalaEnglish2016-03-21 09:34
Kavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyKavalaEnglish2016-03-21 09:36

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Items found: 642
Crit IDPlate-formeHomogenous Group nameQuestionNB expressCritèreComposanteMeaningPropositionCreatedLastModif
274922KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT2to have positive thinking and try as much as can for my lifeF042016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274921KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT1to help othersH042016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274920KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT1to fight for the good quality of life of mine and my childrenC012016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274919KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT1good communicatio, harmonized relationships in my familyD022016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274918KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT1to take care of my self, watch my diet, train in order to have confidenceG012016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274917KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyACT1as long as i have good health i can offer everythingF012016-05-11 10:392016-05-11 10:39
274915KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB2when my family is sufferingD022016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274914KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB1when i loose my dignityG012016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274913KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB1when i am not healthF012016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274912KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB1when people neglect youI082016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274911KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB3to loose joyG052016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274910KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyIB1not to have a jobA062016-05-11 10:332016-05-11 10:33
274909KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB1to have a good communication with my familyD022016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274908KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB1to have joy and loveG052016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274907KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB1to have a family and childrenD022016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274906KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB1to be good with the people around usH002016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274905KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB2to have a jobA612016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274904KavalaKavala : beneficiaries of the social pharmacyWB6to have good health conditionF012016-05-11 10:292016-05-11 10:29
274896KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureACT1to be physically and mentally healthy so I may offerF012016-05-11 10:122016-05-11 10:12
274895KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureACT1to think of others without fear and hesitationG032016-05-11 10:122016-05-11 10:12
274894KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureACT1to be informed on the volunteering work of NGO's working with vulverable population groups and offer my timeI072016-05-11 10:122016-05-11 10:12
274893KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureACT4to safeguard that i will have a jobA062016-05-11 10:122016-05-11 10:12
274892KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureIB1when fellow citizens are living in povertyE062016-05-11 10:072016-05-11 10:07
274891KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureIB1lonelinessD002016-05-11 10:072016-05-11 10:07
274890KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureIB1when i don't have money to cover my basic needsA082016-05-11 10:072016-05-11 10:07
274889KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureIB3when i have some severe illnessF012016-05-11 10:072016-05-11 10:07
274888KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureIB4when i don't have access to workA062016-05-11 10:072016-05-11 10:07
274887KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureWB1to have the love and support of my people to pursue my dreamsF002016-05-11 10:032016-05-11 10:03
274886KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureWB1to have good relationships in my familyD022016-05-11 10:032016-05-11 10:03
274885KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureWB1to have a jobA062016-05-11 10:032016-05-11 10:03
274884KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureWB4to be healthy me and my familyF012016-05-11 10:032016-05-11 10:03
274883KavalaKavala : Employees at "Stirizo" structureWB1to have access in elderly centers, health care system and workA002016-05-11 10:032016-05-11 10:03
274863KavalaKavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergardenACT1to offer my help in anyone that has needsI072016-05-11 09:352016-05-11 09:35
274862KavalaKavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergardenACT1to make people smileH042016-05-11 09:352016-05-11 09:35
274861KavalaKavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergardenACT1solidarity to peopleH042016-05-11 09:352016-05-11 09:35
274860KavalaKavala : parents at Lysimachou kindergardenACT1to have serenity in family and understandingD022016-05-11 09:352016-05-11 09:35

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centre pharmaceutique solidaireKavalaGrèceSanté-précarité2012-08-16 22:33