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Homogeneous groups database Loures

List of Homogenous groups of Loures. In the first cycle, the homogenous groups are defined within the plat-form members, in the second and third cycle they are defined in the whole territory.

List of Homogenous groups

Items found: 12
Nom du groupe homogèneInvert SortCaractéristiques socialesCaractéristiques professionellesCreated
Loures : 9º Ano/CEFSchool children (9th year)2013-10-17 14:25
Loures : Cristãos CatólicosParish members of the local Catholic Church2013-10-17 14:10
Loures : Esco(u)teirosScouts2013-10-17 14:16
Loures : Jovens CMJYouth from local Youth Council2013-10-17 14:50
Loures : Jovens Participantes ALPMYouth participating in ALPM ( Associação Luís Pereira da Mota (ALPM) is dealing with providing quality and innovation in the field of development of the city, promoting autonomy and well being of the citizens in all phases of their life - more see under http://www.alpm-loures.com/index.html2013-10-17 14:43
Loures : Jovens Participantes AMRTYouth participating in the asociation dealing with social matters2013-10-17 15:32
Loures : Jovens Participantes TaekwondoYouth from Taekwondo course2013-10-17 14:46
Loures : Jovens utilizadores dos GAJYoung people attending Center for Support for Youth2013-10-17 14:06
Loures : Mediadores de Saúde

Mediators on the health matters rom the professional school Escola Profissional IPTRANS

2013-10-17 14:35
Loures : MuçulmanosMuslims participating in the cultural association2013-10-17 14:22
Loures :Organizadores/dinamizadores actividades Youth members of the association AMRT (an asociation aimed to support the citizens by different problems), organizing/dinamizing different activities2013-10-17 14:31
Loures :Saúde/Atendimento Juvenil Health Center, Youth Department2013-10-17 14:19

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