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Homogeneous groups database Chã Das Furnas

List of Homogenous groups of Chã Das Furnas. In the first cycle, the homogenous groups are defined within the plat-form members, in the second and third cycle they are defined in the whole territory.

List of Homogenous groups

Items found: 4
Nom du groupe homogèneCaractéristiques socialesCaractéristiques professionellesCreated
CHÃ DAS FURNAS : Mulheres menos jovens2012-07-05 16:04
CHÃ DAS FURNAS : Mulheres jovens2012-07-05 16:04
CHÃ DAS FURNAS : Homens mais maduros2012-07-05 16:04
CHÃ DAS FURNAS : Homens mais jovens2012-07-05 16:04

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