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SPIRAL concepts:


SPIRAL, Societal Progress Indicators for the Responsibility of All, is a framework of common fundamental values and shared methodological practices for progress of the society towards well-being of all. SPIRAL is an approach based on the idea of living together, with an equal right to speak for everyone, regardless of social situation, diversity of opinions and cultures, without any loss to the rich diversity of views expressed. SPIRAL implies the development of co-responsibility between all actors, the development of progress in terms of well-being of all, and a systematized approach to strengthen local democracies.


Coresponsibility or shared social responsibility is for citizens and public or private organizations to agree on commons abjectives, such as the concept of well-being for all - including the future generations - and to act together to reach them by taking mutual engagements by consensus, thus respecting diversity. Coresponsibility means to share the objectives, the reflexions on choices made, to share resources, decision taking and evaluation processes.

Well-being of all

Well-being, in opposite to ill-being/suffering is a universal expression of the aspirations of any human being. It is thus an ultimate objective of the society.

The definition of the well-being of all is to be done by the citizens, with their diversity and their multidimensionality. As it is an ultimate goal for a society, its definition is a key issue for democracy.

Well-being for all means including all thus including future generations: Individual and collective weel-being can not be separated - a part of mankind cannot live in well-being while others are suffering or if future generations well-being is endangered.

Co-construction of the methodology

In complex societies geared by competition and individual well-being, promoting a process of coresponsibility caring of the well-being of all isn't that simple. This needs to experiment and to learn by collaborating, to build together new answers adapted to the various contexts. To build the SPIRAL a growing community of act-searchers (cities, governements and other institutions of different levels, enterprises, hospitals, schools, NGOs, researchers, ...) constituted to build SPIRAL, and the current website is one of the principal tools of this process.

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