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By the beginning of 2013, the I domain was created : See the following conversion chart

The creation of the new I Domain (Family) is basically a splitting of the E domain, into two : Societal Balances: E; : I. The conversion has been done on the website by the COE team and shouldn't impact your workflow. But for documentation reasons here is a short reference on the conversion operations performed.

Summary table

From To
E00 -> E00
E01 -> E01
E02 -> I06
E03 -> I07
E04 -> E04
E05 -> E06
E06 -> E07
E07 -> E03
E08 -> I08
E09 -> E05
E10 -> E08
E11 -> E09

E family changes


E00Social balances
E01Assertion and transmission of identities and values
E02Politeness, respect and tolerance
E03Solidarity, sharing and transmission of knowledge and resources
E04Social mix/insularity
E05Economic balance
E06Demographic balances
E07Equity and social mobility
E08Inclusion / exclusion
E09Violence and peace
E10Relations between society and environment
E11Technical and scientifical progress


In bold, what is new.

E00Social balances
E01Identities and values
E02Knowledge, awareness and educational balance
E03Equity and social mobility
E04Social mix/insularity
E05Violence and peace
E06Economic balance
E07Demographic balances
E08Relations between society and environment
E09Technical and scientifical progress

New I family

In bold, what is new.

I00Relationships within society
I01Gender relationships
I02Relationships between generations
I03Intercultural relationships
I04Relationships between social classes
I05Locally based relationships
I06Politeness, respect and tolerance
I07Solidarity, sharing and transfer of knowledge and resources
I08Inclusion / exclusion

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