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Co-Acte Resource kit
image/svg+xml I want to help but cannot work with a plat-formor group of citizens I want to help but cannot work with a plat-formor group of citizens In this project we will need all willing hands! You could help other plat-forms, or help with the data and the global synthesis, or help to organise the meetings, there are endless possibilities. Please contact us here: Contact Us link Here's my checklist !

Please use the following form to contact us: Contact us

You can help with you nearest Plat-form, or volunteer, apply for an internship, or help us with the website. All help is welcome.

For reference, below is the activities done in the case of a plat-form.


Before starting, you must create a plat-form on wikispiral.org, please check here if there is not already a plat-form registered for you : List of Plat-Forms per country and region

If this is not already done, please pull us a request following this link : Form to register a new plat-form

Documents to download: your resource kit

Enter your data on wikispiral.org: how to proceed

Co-Acte has a specific dashboard to register data. It is accessible from your SPIRAL dashboard.

First, go to the list of Plat-forms, or Territories, and close to yours a little tool symbol should appear, as in this picture : Image If this is not the case, please Contact us so we can add you as member of the group.

Click on the little tool symbol, and you are in your dashboard (If you click on the name of the plat-form you will be on its public Info page). On top of it is a menu, like below: Image

You have a link to access to you Co-Acte dashboard. Please follow the instructions that are shown in this page in order to register your data. If you have any questions, just Contact us, and in maximum a day we will answer you.

Finally, for more complete information on how to use this website, please go visit the Tutoriels page. There are complete tutorials about how to enter data on the website.

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