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Co-Acte Resource kit
image/svg+xml I am a researcher, lawyer, scientist... I am a researcher, lawyer, scientist... What I'll do: ✗ I helps the Alliances CouncilTime I'll need: 2-more hoursMaterials: ✗ Computer, ...Who to invite? ✗ Other researchers, interns, ... Steps: ✗ The Alliances Council is in charge of Spiral metodology and research ✗ I propose my help : 1. Help shaping the raw data for the European report2. Help structuring the legal propositions3. Help on statistics and data analysis4. I want to make an independant study on Spiral and Co-ActeSo, please: Contact Us ! Here's my checklist !


We have a very active Council of Alliances (= Scientific Council), see for reference ((Council of Alliances, political and research project)). To contact them please use the following e-mail : Image

We invite you to contact them for all scientific propositions.

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