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The well-being criteria given by the participants of the homogenous groups can be used to build surveys. The concept behind is to have a survey measuring the well-being levels of a population, with the questions coming from their own criteria of well-being.

In order to build the survey form, you must first arrange the criteria together in order to write questions which will summarise many of them. For this there are two steps: - Attribute a category of meaning to each criteria, dimension per dimension - Write for all the criteria having the same category a question to summarise them, which will be used in the form

This page enables you to write the questions of the survey. For a given dimension and category, there can be several different questions, just copy and paste them to all the corresponding criteria. If there is too many possible groupings of criteria, please consider using the full meaning code instead of the categories only.

The most simple way to attribute the same question to several criteria is to select them with the checkbox to the left, then to write in the field on the bottom of the questions (propositions) column the sentence. When you click outside of the field, your sentence is applied to all the selected criteria. You can then uncheck them and start anew.

Writing of the survey's questions

You do not have the rights do do this operation

Please contact a local Spiral dynamisor, a fellow group member, or the Together staff in order to be a member of your platform. Once granted membership you will be able to add data in the platform.

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