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This tool enables you to enter simple criteria, non attributed to dimensions, using the symbol semicolon as a separator

After having chosen and checked the name of the homogenous group, the coordination group, and the question, in the "Insert criteria" field write as many criteria as you have for this homogenous group and the chosen question. For each criterion, first write how many post-its you have with the exact same criterion (= number of expressions), then write a semicolon, which acts as a separator, then write the criterion as it is on the post-it. To write the next criterion, please add a new line and do the same. Each criteria has a line and two values separated with a semicolon, as in the format and examples following.

Format: Number of expressions of the same criterion;Criterion Example 1: 1;Having a well-paid job Example 2: 4;Having many friends Example 3: 2;Being ill

In the first example, we have one post-it saying "Having a well-paid job" and 4 post-its saying "Having many friends". Please note that the numbers are NOT the position of the criterion in the list (like, first criterion entered. second criterion entered, ...).

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